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Library Databases

Choose the databases that best fit your topic for the best results. 

Spanish and Latin American Literature

Spanish Language & Linguistics

Japanese Language and Culture

Because Japanese majors have such diverse research topics, choose your databases from those recommended on the research guides that best match your topic: 

Multidisciplinary databases (good for many topics)
Academic OneFile  - interdisciplinary coverage of journals
Academic Search Premier (Ebsco) - useful for all topics
Google Scholar - indexes a large proportion of the scholarly literature in a wide range of research areas
JSTOR Retrospective Journal Collection - includes journals that focus on language

Interlibrary Loan

Finding Full-Text of Articles and Interlibrary Loan

Once you have located citations to journal articles, follow the "Find Text" button to determine whether the text of an article is available in the Library or through its databases. If you need articles not available in the Library, CSUMB students, faculty and staff may use the Interlibrary Loan Request Form.

See also

CSUMB Library guides on:

Distinguishing Scholarly Journals from Other Periodicals

Find Journals by Title

Finding Full-Text Articles

Books in the CSUMB Library

See also the CSUMB Library's guides on: Finding Book Reviews, Finding Primary Sources, Placing Holds & Recalls, and Renewing Books & Videos.

Books in the CSUMB Library

The CSUMB Library Catalog lists books and videos in the CSUMB Library.

The "search books, articles, and more" box on the library's home page can also be used to search for books, but it does not work well if your search terms include accents. 

Use the links below for quick lists:

books, videos, and audio CDs in Japanese
books, videos, and audio CDs in Spanish

books of and about the literature or fiction of Japan (also search by author's name and keywords)
books of and about the poetry or drama of Japan (also search by author's name and keywords)

books of and about the literature or fiction of Mexico (also search by author's name and keywords)
books of and about the poetry or drama of Mexico (also search by author's name and keywords)

books of and about the literature or fiction of Spain (also search by author's name and keywords)
books of and about the poetry or drama of Spain (also search by author's name and keywords)

Books at other libraries

Catalog of the CSU Libraries simultaneously searches the libraries of all  23 CSU campuses.

WorldCat catalogs over 1 billion books, videos, maps, etc. from libraries around the world.

CSUMB students, faculty and staff may use the Interlibrary Loan Request Form to borrow books found using the catalogs above.


Credible background information on countries:

CountryWatch - information, data and news on all countries

CIA World Fact Book
Background information compiled by the CIA on all nations of the world

Selected Websites

E-Mexico Busca - provided by E-Mexico.

Gob.Mx - provided by the government of Mexico.

Governments on the WWW: Japan -- Mexico -- Spain - provided by Gunnar Anzinger.

Internet Resources for Latin America - provided by Molly E. Molloy, New Mexico State University Library.

Global Gateway: World Culture and Resources - provided by the Library of Congress.

J Guide: Stanford Guide to Japan Information Resources - provided by Stanford University.

Japan Information Network - provided by the Japan Information Network.

Japanese Studies Internet Resources - provided by the East Asian Library, UCLA.

Prime Minister of Japan - provided by the Cabinet Secretariat of Japan.

Yahoo! Espana -- Yahoo! Japan -- Yahoo! Mexico -- provided by Yahoo!.

Language & linguistics websites

American Sign Language Browser - This Michigan State University resource is a video dictionary of thousands of ASL signs

Center for Applied Linguistics - Nonprofit organization working to improve communication through better understanding of language and culture

Ethnologue - An encyclopedic reference work cataloging the world's known living languages; provided by SIL International

GLOSS - Online language lessons developed by the Defense Language Institute. Reading and listening lessons based on authentic language materials in 24 languages. 

Glossary of Linguistic Terms - Provided by SIL International

iLoveLanguages - Guide to Internet language resources provided by Tyler Jones

The International Phonetic Alphabet - Provided by the International Phonetic Association

Invitation to World Literature - Multimedia series from the Annenberg Foundation featuring 13 key literary works

Language Course Finder - Find language schools and language courses worldwide; provided by Internet Course Finders

Lexicool - A collection of bilingual and multilingual dictionaries

Linguistic Resources on the Internet - Subject directory provided by SIL International

MLA Language Map - Map of languages spoken in the U.S.

The Rosetta Project - Digital archive documenting over 2,500 languages; provided by the Rosetta Project

Speech Accent Archive - Provided by George Mason University, this resource lets you compare accents of English speakers

Wordnik - This interactive dictionary includes definitions, examples of use, photos, etymology, and more.

Asian studies

AsiaSource includes categories: Arts & Culture, Business & Economics, Policy & Government, and Society & History; provided by the Asia Society
AsiaWeek.com | CNN.com Asia | TimeAsia.com general and financial news from Asia; provided by AsiaWeek.com, CNN.com, and Time (AOL Time Warner companies)
CiNii is a database service that enables searching of information on academic articles published in academic society journals or university research bulletins, or articles included in the National Diet Library's Japanese Periodicals Index Database.

Latin American studies

HLAS Online: Handbook of Latin American Studies search extensive bibliography of citations to scholarly publications about Latin America; provided by the Library of Congress

LANIC: Latin American Network Information Center search or browse extensive collection of links about Latin America; provided by the University of Texas at Austin

Citing Your Sources

MLA (Modern Language Association) Citation Style

MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (CSUMB Reference Collection: REF LB 2369 .G53 2003).

Using MLA Format (Purdue U. Online Writing Lab)
MLA Style FAQ (MLA website)
Citation Styles Handbook: MLA (U. of Illinois)
Writer's Handbook -  MLA Style (U. of Wisconsin)
MLA Style Guide (Ohio State)

APA (American Psychological Association) Citation Style

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (CSUMB Reference Collection REF BF 76.7 .P83 2010)

APA Style (APA's web site)
Using APA Format (Purdue U. Online Writing Lab)
APA Style (Nova University)
Citation Styles Handbook: APA (U. of Illinois)
Writer's Handbook - APA Style (U. of Wisconsin)
APA Citation Guide (Ohio State)

Databases with citation formatting

Many of the Library's databases offer automatic citation formatting tools for APA, MLA and other citation styles.

The automatic formatting tools are not always 100% accurate, so check your results carefully. If you are in doubt, compare your results with examples from the most recent version of the appropriate style manual.

Need Help With Your Research?

CSUMB Library Information Literacy Tutorials

These tutorials are completed by many CSUMB students as part of their lower-division coursework. They may be useful for transfer students or any student needing a refresher. 

Tutorial 1:

Choose a topic
Identify relevant search terms
Refine the topic

Tutorial 2:

Use the books and articles search
Perform a keyword search
Evaluate relevance of results

Tutorial 3:

Who writes about U.S. History
The peer review process
Structure of a research article
Primary/Secondary sources

Tutorial 4:

Select the best database(s) for your topic
Identify search terms and synonyms
Construct and use an effective search strategy
Identify peer-reviewed articles among results
Evaluate credibility, purpose, point of view

Ask a Librarian

Sarah Dahlen is the library's liaison to World Languages & Cultures. Once your senior capstone project has been approved, you may request a one-on-one, in-person consultation with her to explore relevant information resources. Pre-capstone research assistance from a librarian is available in a variety of ways.

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