FYS 100: First Year Seminar (Gayle Yamauchi-Gleason)

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About this Guide

Created for sections with focus on sustainability

Environmental impact calculators

CO2 Calculator Determine your CO2 footprint with this calculator created by the Watershed Institute and CSUMB's Green Initiatives

Ecological Footprint Quiz From the Center for Sustainable Economy

Cool Tools for Greener Living  A collection of calculators for green diet, MPG, carbon, and more.

Paper Calculator Indicates environmental impact of using paper with higher recycled content; provided by the Environmental Defense Fund

Household Emissions Calculator This Environmental Protection Agency tool includes vehicles, home energy, and waste

Calculate Your Commute How much is your commute costing you? From Natural Resources Canada

Hoosiers Care Environmental Impact Calculator Savings from changes made around the house or with vehicle use; from an Indiana government program

Ecological Footprint Calculators A collection of calculators including travel, electricity, nutrition, recycled materials, etc.

Flight Emissions Calculator From travelnav.com

Food Miles Calculator How far did your food travel and how much carbon was used in transport? Provided by Organic Linker

Food Waste Management Cost Calculator Assesses cost effectiveness of composting, waste reduction, and other factors; from the Environmental Protection Agency

California Carbon Calculator Looks at your transportation, housing, and shopping patterns; from the California Air Resources Board

Waste Reduction Model Compares greenhouse gas creation of two disposal scenarios (furniture falls into "dimensional lumber" category); from the Environmental Protection Agency

Water Footprint Calculator How much water do you use? Provided by the Network for New Energy Choices

See also

Research guide on Environmental Studies

Links to Statistical Information

How to Evaluate Websites

Sustainability Info

CSUMB Sustainability Our university's initiative to be a green campus

The Offset Project A Monterey Area initiative to reduce carbon emissions

Water Conservation Tips From the Marina Coast Water District

Rainwater Catchment Basics From the Water Awareness Committee of Monterey County

Reducing Food Miles From the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

Sustainable Living Undergraduate Research Project See what students at Santa Clara University are working on

Drive Clean This California Air Resources Board site allows you to compare vehicles for environmental performance

Climate Change: What You Can Do The Environmental Protection Agency's suggestions for changes to make at home, work, school, and on the road

Create Your Own Compost Pile From the Environmental Protection Agency

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