Languages & Linguistics

Linguistics & languages websites

Center for Applied Linguistics - Nonprofit organization working to improve communication through better understanding of language and culture

Ethnologue - An encyclopedic reference work cataloging the world's known living languages; provided by SIL International

Glossary of Linguistic Terms - Provided by SIL International

The International Phonetic Alphabet - Provided by the International Phonetic Association

MLA Language Map - Map of languages spoken in the U.S.

Speech Accent Archive - Provided by George Mason University, this resource lets you compare accents of English speakers

Online language dictionaries

American Sign Language Browser - This Michigan State University resource is a video dictionary of thousands of ASL signs

Lexicool - A collection of bilingual and multilingual dictionaries

Oxford English Dictionary - a historical dictionary of the English language from the earliest times to the present day; shows not only the current meanings of words, but also traces their development through time.

Wordnik - This interactive English dictionary includes definitions, examples of use, photos, etymology, and more.

Language learning websites

Defense Language Institute - Provides a number of free online tools for learning language and cultural skills

DuoLingo - Practice Spanish and other languages through games

GLOSS - Online language lessons developed by the Defense Language Institute. Reading and listening lessons based on authentic language materials in 24 languages. 

Language Course Finder - Find language schools and language courses worldwide

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