Environmental Studies

Online dictionaries and reference sources

Terms of Environment from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
The Encyclopedia of Earth
StreamNet Glossary of Terms Related to Fisheries Management
Encyclopedia Britannica Online has numerous brief articles on environmental topics
Biodiversity and Conservation, a hypertext book by Peter J. Bryant, UC Irvine
Integrated Assessment of Climate Change: The Model Visualization and Analysis Service from CIESIN

Environmental studies portals

Environment via Yahoo!
EarthTrends Environmental Information Portal from World Resources Institute
GEO Data Portal online data and graphs from the U.N. Environment Programme
Environmental Issues from About.com
Greener a search engine for all things green
Virtual Library - Environment

California and West Coast


Science.Gov portal to authoritative selected science information provided by U.S. Government agencies
Congressional Research Service Reports on the Environment
Congressional Research Service Reports alternate, updated collection
Resources for the Future issue papers
National Council for Science and the Environment
The Encyclopedia of Earth
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
ECOTOX Database of single chemical toxicity data for aquatic life, terrestrial plants and wildlife.
Environmental Justice Resources
U.S. Department of Energy Information Bridge
U.S. Global Change Research Information Office
Ecosystem Resources from USGS
National Wetlands Research Center
Water Quality Information Center US National Agricultural Library
Pew Oceans Commission reports and analyses on marine resource management
BISON Biodiversity Information Serving our Nation from USGS


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